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Every Friday! 9am - close

$5 Friday + WE Hour!

Every Friday is $5 Friday! Starting at 9am, pack your laptop, business cards, notes on napkins, and hunger for $1.25 lunch tacos at Leo's Mexican Grill...if you like tacos, but really? Who doesn't like tacos. Stay til WE close, and WE tend to stay late! Why? WE'll get to that in a moment, but first...
WE are inviting you to enjoy a day at WE Labs for only $5 ($30 value...that's a lot of tacos). WE will give you a tour of our 8,000 sq. ft. space that overlooks the DTLB skyline. Afterwards meet our members, meet other visitors and stay for a day of work by enjoying:
- communal and private desks
- ultrafast WiFi (75mb down/35mb up)
- complimentary coffee/tea/filtered water
- greenscreen/video studio
- dry erase/chalkboard
- conference room
- members lounge
- ping-pong table

*Be sure to stay til 6pm for WE Hour!*
Stick around for a few drinks on WE Labs, and mix with the Labmates!


Every 1st and 3rd Friday!

 The *NEW* PitchLab! 

 PitchLab is a great opportunity for WE Labs members and guests to share their ideas, get perspective, and form alliances with other inspiring minds. Here's how it works:

- Each visionary is given 2-3 minutes to give their pitch/idea/story. You are allowed to present a PowerPoint for the full time with your live presentation and/or show a video that is 60 seconds or less.
- There will be 7-8 minutes of discussion with attendees after pitch.
- Total time given is 10 minutes to each pitch so time must be watched.
- Idea is for there to be 10 pitches allowed per event.
- After all pitches are given attendees can approach the visionary and make suggestions, connections and initiate collaborations.

 All are invited: Graphic Designers, Community Leaders, Dreamers, Copyeditors, Web Designers, Event Planners, Marketers, Artists, App Developers, Art Directors, Filmmakers, Writers, Fashion, Architects, Visionaries, Designers, Dancers, Animators, etc.


Aug 2nd, 2014 at 6pm

Structure: Perspectives in Architecture - Closing Reception

WE Labs / Arts Counsel for Long Beach presents -

STRUCTURE: Perspectives on Architecture
Opening Reception
Featuring the architectural photographic art of:

Kay Erickson 
Ron Javorsky
Josh Tann
Paul Turang

*Your Friends Are Welcome Too*

Displayed from April 5th - August 2nd, 2014


June 27th, 2014 at 6pm

The WE Hour Art Tour


This Friday's WE Hour includes the WE Hour Art Tour, where WE Labs art curator Robbie Brown will lead a guided tour of our collection of artwork by local artists such as Rhett Johnson, Dave Van Patten, Doug Kurtz, Walter Focht, Ben Bambauer, and others. Don't miss it!


Coming in June 2014

WE Hour: Do What You Love! with Rithy Sun

This Friday's WE Hour focus will be a group discussion about what makes working for yourself most awesome. There will also be talk about the challenges of being self employed. Together we will trade ideas and solutions for these challenges. This part of the day will be facilitated by WE Labs member Rithy Sun.

So pack up your work gear and come spend the day with us. What type of members and guest come to WE Labs? Graphic Designers, App Developers, Web Designers, Filmmakers, Fashion Designers, Visual Artists, Writers, Music Makers, Photographers, Social Media Specialist, Marketers and Non-Profits to name a few. You’d be surprised how much more you will get done after making face to face contact with a diversified network like this.

Rithy Sun - Certified Prof. Coach
Helping busy entrepreneurs achieve work-life balance while doing what they love

Check out the Facebook event here: https://www.facebook.com/events/1426414490936990/


New event listings will be posted soon. Want to check out the place? Contact us to schedule a tour and learn more about pricing and availability.

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