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Members Project Updates

Prune - iOS Mobile App

Prune is a beautifully designed fun new iPhone application built to enrich your life. It's the ultimate habit breaker. With 30 seconds of your time you can set up your objectives and prune them out of your life. Done. It's that easy.
Prune was developed and launched within WE Labs by Principal.LA. It received over 30,000 downloads on iTunes within its first two weeks of release and at one time was ranked as the #8 most downloaded app in the iTunes app store.

Get the app here: 


Hitchcock Lost - new book

Check out book release ‘HItchcock Lost’ by Dan Auiler. It’s available digitally for the Kindle and on the Kindle app for iOS and Android.

Get the book here:




Chicks Can Code - education workshops

Labmate Alexa Fleur along with a few other friends (Kelsey Grace and Tiffany Ryder) launched this group in the Lab and are planning some awesome things to happen in 2014. Take the time and visit the ‘Chicks Can Code’ Facebook page and please ‘like’ it.

Learn more:


The BBQ - internet radio show

New members Q & JOE SAV host an internet radio show showcasing & promoting the various lifestyles of Pacific Islanders worldwide. Their show airs every Thursday 7pm PST and you can catch it at https://betelnutradio.com/the-bbq/
Also check their page and give them a ‘like’ the show at




Localism! - community building

Localism™ connects and empowers locally owned merchants, organizations and schools. Learn about their mission, initiatives, platform and insights by visiting their webpage at https://www.localism.co and check their video. Then visit their Facebook page and give them a ‘like’ too.

Learn more:


2013 Recap

2013 has been an awesome year for the Lab. Our 30+ members have created exciting projects which a good majority involve collaboration between the labmates. WE Labs already has a solid core of diverse influencers and continues to attract some of the best creative thinkers and innovators in and around Long Beach city. But what really makes WE Labs work is that we all share the goal of having life, adventure, and success overlap. In 2014 WE plan to continue growing our community of creative innovators, tech entrepreneurs, artist, consultants and non-profits to further our mission of having meaningful impact locally and beyond.

WE would love for you to take the time to watch the short video we’ve created with the help of labmate Adam Steel. It gives a visual representation of what happens within our community and features many of our founding members.

Interested in becoming a part of our community? At the bottom of this newsletter you’ll find a special discount offer for both full time membership and a packet of 12 day passes. If you'd like to tour our space and meet our community please visit http://www.welabs.us and complete the form at the bottom of the page to schedule an appointment.

However, before you do that, please take the time learn more about our members most recent projects and launches.


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